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The following is a recent report from Bishop Aynaki Moksi.  He and his team are witnessing a transformation of DR Congo (Africa)!  As the multi-faceted benefits of SHARE Evangelism are shared, people are responding with great enthusiasm.  For those of you who may be unfamiliar with SHARE Evangelism, it is an uncomplicated method of evangelism using training in such things as livelihood skills, crafts, job skills and sports.  It is based on Jesus’ teaching style through parables that relate to ordinary life.  The emphasis is always on evangelism.

With only a few minor edits to standardize his excellent English, here is the latest report from my friend and brother in Christ, Bishop Aynaki Moksi:

Our Lord Jesus told us to go and make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20).  He meant exactly that.  This doesn’t require any rocket science to either understand or obey.  Sadly, “Go” has meant “Sit” to some, resulting in 97% of the Global church resources being spent for maintenance of church programs within the four walls of the church.  The tragedy is that the world we live in remains unreached over 2000 years since the Great Commission was given.

Inspired by the words of Jesus, we started SHARE Evangelism in May 2017.  In February 2018 we held meetings to refocus on our mandate.  It is clear that SHARE is a growing movement in the Great Lake Region.  The revivals we are experiencing, along with the expansion of SHARE, provide a discipleship lesson of Multiplication in all areas of our life: spiritually, materially and financially. 

Our hope and prayer is that this will continue by the grace of God.  That is what Jesus meant by Go make disciples. This is why SHARE Evangelism exists. By the grace of God, SHARE will become a great family in Great lakes region and beyond.

Thanks to all who are praying for this work in DR Congo.   Please pray with us as we continue to organize and coordinate our plans for a big conference in Burundi and DR Congo next year, in order to accelerate our mandate to reach the unreached with the Gospel and the testimony of Christ by using SHARE Evangelism.  Be blessed.

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