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As time marches on to a new day, a new week, a new month, and a new year; should we consider that maybe time is running out?  Whether you pass the time watching sand trickle through an old-fashioned hourglass, or you mark time on your smart phone, there is one unfailing constant:  Time marches on.

Is there a limit to time?  Is there an end of time?  If time will end, when will that happen?  All of these questions have a multitude of answers and speculations, but there is one thing about time that is undeniable.  At some time in the future—maybe a minute, or a day or perhaps decades—time on earth will run out for all of us.

What will you do with your remaining time?  It all depends on your focus.  Do you focus on yourself or are you more concerned about others?  As Christians, we need to look around us and realize that almost all of the people we pass need salvation that is available only through Christ.  Do we have enough time to speak to even one person?  If you have a testimony of what Christ has done for you, and you know John 3:16, you know enough to share Christ with a lost person. 

How can we get started?  Pray every morning that God will lead you to someone who is open to hear the Good News.  Pray that someone else will say something that will spark a conversation that you can turn into a witness.  Then during the day, let this prayer keep you in constant awareness of God’s presence and leadership.  Stay alert to opportunities and use the time you have left to share salvation that is available to all through our God and Savior.

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