Welcome to the new, improved, and revised website for SHARE Institute, International.  This website will be a continuing work in progress as we add to it based on what we hear from you.  For those of you who are returning to this site, you will find a few familiar items that are here for historical purposes.  They serve a purpose just as great now, as when they first appeared.  We welcome your opinions

As you may already know, our philosophy of ministry is unique.  We believe strong churches need to begin with strength.  We observe that a church usually lacks strength if it has to request, or even beg for, support from donors and funding organizations.  We present an alternative to the traditional donor-supported model.  We kindly request that you prayerfully consider transforming your church or establishing your new church plant to be self-supporting from this moment on.

Obviously, there must be a need for money somewhere in the organization of SHARE Institute, International.  

Let me clear that up right now.  The need for money is real in every organization, but God has a special way of meeting the needs and making a path forward that does not require funds!  No one in the Administration, Regional Coordinators, Pastors, or trained church leaders receive any salaries, goods, gifts, or financial benefit from SHARE.  Everyone volunteers his or her various talents and abilities to the work.  Personal needs are met, sometimes through SHARE projects, or retirement funds, or salaries provided by their own church.  Ours is the only organization, that we know about, that starts with no money, adds more volunteers daily, expands world-wide, grows rapidly, and still has no money.  On those occasions when there is a charge, the fee is for materials, printing, binding, and other expenses directly used and kept by the students.  It sounds like a crazy business model.  The difference is, we are following the model of the early Christian church.

There are several reasons why self-supporting church planting is so much stronger.  First, if the members of the church take responsibility, they also have a sense of ownership because they have invested in something of value.  Second, the pastor is free from the constant, time-consuming, pressure to raise funds that, ultimately, deprive the people of the blessing of giving.  The pastor actually has more time to minister to the congregation and prospects.  Third, there are never enough donors available to support every need of every new church plant.  Fourth, a church that is donor-supported can unintentionally hinder or slow down the church planting movement because of jealousy.  This is an issue when one pastor can get rich on sponsorship while others who are less successful in finding donors, live in poverty.  New church planters will tend to delay ministry while they wait, hoping for their support to come first.

How do we do it differently?  First the pastor will need training in SHARE Evangelism.  This will prepare him to lead the congregation to combine evangelism with livelihood skills training that results in strong church plants.  The livelihood skills will lift the economy of individuals who are then able to support the building, supplies, and payment of salaries for their pastor and staff.  The church will grow as members learn to reach out and disciple people to faith in God.  Kindly go to REGIONAL REPORTS on this website to see for yourself how God has worked through SHARE Evangelism in many churches around the world.  Each church may function differently, but each church has the freedom to decide on the best method for them to fulfill the Great Commission. (Matthew 28:19-20). We pray that you will find the right solution for your situation, and experience God’s blessings as you serve Him.