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SHARE Evangelism has taken off like a wild fire in Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda. I have some wonderful pictures from Bishop Aynaki Moksi, Church Planter, from Burundi. From these pictures and the brief explanation from my friend, Aynaki, I will try to retell his story.  Here he is with his lovely wife.  She is a woman of prayer and supports him in the ministry.  They have three sons, David (12), Sharon (9), and Israel (6).


The fire was lit on Face Book in August of 2017 where I met Aynaki.  He was scheduled to be part of a leadership team for a training conference in Uvira, DR Congo, with 300 attendees from four African countries.   I introduced him to the SHARE Evangelism training materials, which he immediately translated into French.  He then went to the conference to present it to the other leaders on the team.  With their approval and participation, they designated ten hours over several days to the SHARE Evangelism training. At one point so many people desired the training that they had to limit the participation to 100 people.  They met anywhere they could find space.


The demand for the training was evidently very high.  Aynaki says, “We start now a good project.  The big work is to put materials in 5 local languages.  Because we teach Bible in the local language.”  He presented a brief overview of SHARE Evangelism to his colleagues.  They were impressed with the new material because it was “workable lifestyle.”  The leadership decided to include it in the conference because it “was the thing they need at this moment.”   The leadership quickly prepared to take part in the presentations of SHARE Evangelism.

Approximately 80 pastors, church planters, and church leaders from five neighboring countries were expected to attend.   By the time the conference started, more than 100 wanted to participate.  The number increased daily.  Aynaki says he started with zero budget, but somehow God provided.  After the training many people stood to give testimony to what SHARE meant to them.


At the conclusion of the conference, official certificates were awarded to those who completed the SHARE Evangelism course.  The newly trained SHARE Evangelists were sent out to put into practice what they had learned.


Aynaki closes his account with these words: “Testimony of Christ International Central Africa has just concluded the Regional Conference and SHARE Evangelism this Sunday, August 19, 2017 in Uvira in Republic Democratic of Congo.  The Delegation of 4 countries to know: Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda [and RD Congo] participated in this event.  The Conference was sanctioned by [awarding] the certificates to the participants in the training delivered by SHARE Evangelism in front of 300 people from these 4 countries.  We thank everyone who has prayed or contributed for the success of this event.”  Aynaki continues, “I am praying to make SHARE Evangelism a reality. We will continue to work together like one team for Christ.”

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    1. Thank you for your timely request. My husband, Rick, will be in Kisii, Kenya in mid July, 2018. He will be focusing on using sports (specifically baseball and softball) for evangelism. Others on the team will bring their own special skills to share with those present. Please let me know if you are interested in attending in that place. We can talk more about date and place if believe it will work for you. Please reply by email.

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