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Church Planters Have All the Fun(ding)! is finally in production. As a celebration, we are offering the print copy at the  pre-publication price of $10.00, plus shipping and handling–but only if you purchase from this site.  That is more than 30% off the suggested retail price of $15.49.  Supply is limited, so don’t miss this opportunity. To take advantage of this offer right now, please press HERE to place your order.

Why would anyone want to buy another book on church planting? Church Planters Have All the Fun(ding)! is a fresh perspective with unique solutions to funding church planting. Using the early church as a model and building on an agricultural theme, Barbara Mitchell walks the reader through the steps of planting and growing a church. The clever use of modern-day parables and true-life stories reinforce a method that combines evangelism with income generation. If this sounds like a resource that will enhance your church planting experience, please don’t hesitate to purchase this vital resource in paperback or eBook form (eBook form is now available on Amazon, Nook and other major booksellers.) Order now!