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The following is an attempt to help you find everything more quickly.  My posts are not in exact chronological order, but they are in sensible order, for your convenience.  You will be able to go directly to each article by clicking on the title.  If you need translation, please go to the bottom of the website, click on “translate” and select the language or dialect of your choice.  Please feel free to submit comments.

INTRODUCTIONS:  Find a clear explanation of SHARE; what it is, what it means, and and how it can assist  you in evangelism.

SHARE EVANGELISM INTRODUCTION:  What is it and how can it help me?  Check it out here.

SHARE EVANGELISM:  Do you need to know more about SHARE Evangelism?


SHARE EVANGELISM by Barbara Mitchell:  This is the leadership training manual that prepares the Christian church planter, as well as committed laymen to reach out to those who need the Lord.  This method is amazing in its simplicity as well as its impact on community, both spiritually and economically.  This is password protected.  See INTRODUCTIONS for instructions to obtain the password.

SHARE EVANGELISM – FRENCH:  Training manual translated by Aynaki Moksi, also passcode protected.Please check out INTRODUCTIONS for instructions for access.

SHARE EVANGELISM ANSWER KEY:  This document relates to the SHARE Evangelism training manual.  It is protected by password. Please check out INTRODUCTIONS.


SELF-FUNDED CHURCH PLANTING:  Hot off the press, Church Planters Have All the Fun(ding)!  This post is a chapter-by-chapter overview of what you will find is this very practical and inspirational book.  This is an essential tool for all church planters as well as their members and prospects.

FUN(DING) CHURCH PLANTING:  Whether your church plant is reaching the wealthy, or it is located in a tribal Third World situation, there are creative ways to solve the church’s financial needs.

BEGIN AT THE END:  This post gives a brief background on my writing experience culminating in Church Planters Have All the Fun(ding)!

FINANCIAL SUPPORT FOR CHURCH PLANTING:  What is the best way to fund church planting that will not harm the long-term viability of the church?


TIN CAN OVEN:  If you have a heat source, you can bake–even without an expensive oven.

PICTURES OF TIN CAN OVENS:  This post includes additional pictures of ovens made by different people and instructions for how to use the oven.


PRECIOUS MEMORY, 1990s:  This  photo shows a church planter, riding a carabao (water buffalo) as he is leaving the Baptist Seminary in Davao City, Philippines, around 1990, on his way to his first church.

THROUGH A CHILD’S EYES:  A little family humor from the mission field.

SHOUT FOR JOY:  There is nothing like the joy of salvation.  This is one account you don’t want to miss.

GIVING SACRIFICIALLY TO MISSIONS:  An account of child-like faith expressed in a child’s sacrifice.


MICHAEL PATRICK, REGIONAL DIRECTOR, Kisii, Kenya:  Introducing Michael Patrick as a church planter and SHARE Evangelism trainer.

HAIR CLIPS AND SHARE EVANGELISM:  Photos and comments on using something so simple as making hair clips and turning it into a strong evangelistic ministry.  Featuring Mercidita Magbanua (Philippines) in Kisii, Kenya.

PREACHING SEMINAR, KISII, KENYA:  Photos of Rick Mitchell leading a preaching seminar as a guest of Michael Patrick and his church.

SHARE EVANGELISM USING TIN CAN OVEN:  Pictures from Kisii, Kenya showing Mercidita Magbanua (Philippines) demonstrating how to use a tin can oven.

YOUR HAIR IS NOT LIKE MINE:  Pictures of children in Kisii, Kenya marveling at the how different my husband’s hair was compared to theirs.

STORY SCARF:  Photos of Rick explaining the story of salvation using the story scarf.


SHARE EVANGELISM CONFERENCE IN DR CONGO:  Photo of promotional poster and testimony of someone who benefitted from the conference.

SHARE EXPANSION IN AFRICA, 1/4:  This is the first in a series of four accounts, with pictures, of the inspiring story of the explosion of SHARE in RD Congo.

SHARE OFFICE OPENS IN CONGO, 2/4:  This is the second in a series of four accounts, with pictures, of the expansion of SHARE in RD Congo.

SHARE TRAINING, 3/4:  This third in the series is a pictorial account of the training and then trekking to new locations of ministry.

SHARE HISTORY MAKERS, 4/4:  This fourth and final post in this series describes the founding of SHARE Credit Union for micro loans, and depicts the rapid growth of the SHARE Evangelism movement in RD Congo.


WHAT’S IN YOUR LUMP?  The power of yeast can be a powerful demonstration of the power of prayer and Bible study.

DISCERNMENT:  How can we be discerning? The answer is both simple and difficult.

IS THERE HOPE?:  How do you respond to someone who feels hopeless?