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SHARE Institute, International

SHARE Evangelism

By Barbara Mitchell
French translation by Bishop Aynaki Moksi
Urdu translation (Pakistan) by Pastor Imran Manzoor

SHARE Evangelism is our foundational training manual that teaches us to examine Jesus’ technique of parables and storytelling to make His point.  His wonderful method of taking the ordinary things of life still gives us a way to be reminded of His message.  FREE! On password.  46 pages

Church Planters Have all the Fun(ding)!

By Barbara Mitchell
Contact Bishop Aynaki Moksi for availability of translations

This book starts by explaining how SHARE Evangelism works.  It then proceeds to take us back to the early church as described mostly in the early chapters of Acts in the Bible.  Using an agricultural theme, it goes into great detail to simply tell the story of the early church and how we can apply that example for today.  Being a church planter is the most fun job, and with the use of SHARE Evangelism, there will be enough funding for the new church plant.  When you combine fun and funding, you get Fun(ding)!  On password.  204 pages

Sports Evangelism

By Rev. Rick Mitchell

Coming Very Soon

Almost everyone loves sports of some kind. That shared interest gives us a wonderful tool for evangelism. This book will lead you to know how and why it can work easily and effectively. It is expected to be released in early 2022. Watch for it! FREE! On password.

Picture Method of Pattern Cutting for Women’s Clothing
By Barbara Mitchell

Using metric measurements and step-by-step accurate drawings, you can learn to make patterns for the bodice, sleeves, skirt, and pants.” Then you will advance to designing clothing styles. There are only a few English words. Short devotionals for each stage of the process are included. FREE! On password. 92 half size pages.

Picture Method for Pattern Drafting, The Skirt
By Barbara Mitchell

This is the revised version of the skirt portion of the above book. It skillfully illustrates why hems are not always straight, and how to hem from the top. That’s a trick you don’t want to miss. This instruction also uses metric measurements and clear drawings. FREE! On password. 27 half size pages.