1. Praise God friends!! Say Amen!!

    Give glory to God, he is mighty and He deserves all glory and praise.
    Here is a message to all church planters and missionaries.
    Last night I had a Bible study from a good commentary Bible that was a present from Barbara Mitchell who is my Executive Director of SHARE institute International through his husband (big dady),Rick Mitchell who is the President of sports & Rec plus Inc.
    It was nice to receive it.
    So here is the message to you all,beside being the witnesses of Christ’s message, Christ’s Ascension and Lord’s Life, we also need to be witnesses of Lord’s people, this is found in the book of Acts 1:12-14,this implies that,for us to be able to meet our desires in planting churches we need to be founded together (unity), so that we can be able to reach and meet the call from God and our vision to the Church.

    I can then say,the foundation of unity in ministry, can be only found in believers praying together.
    >;If we join our hearts,souls,experience/skills, resources and finances together just like the disciples were in the house in Jerusalem awaiting for the Holy spirit, we too must attain the target that the Lord has put ahead of us,by so doing,we will meet Christ’s will (reachings the world),we have to.

    My experience that I have, I have to share with u all,and I swear to the entire world and the heavens can bear me witness just as the disciples bared to Christ.

    As a church planter and missionary, I have seen my directors, doing a big job,I congratulate u all,and keep God being known everywhere.

    If u wish to share with me my experience, just tap my email and send me a letter of inquiry over what u will be in need of knowing and sharing.

    Barbara & Rick Mitchell,
    keep on moving, I have planted a new church at the mountain, it is called ,Hill of praise Baptist church.
    I hope u will see it soon as u come next year.


    1. I praise God for your commitment to Him and your calling to plant churches. It is such a blessing to see you use the talents He has given you and others in this effort. God bless you with a great harvest for Him.

  2. I see.
    one thing have just come to realize, people finds it hard to submit themselves fully into God’s work as they are being called,instead,here it come a way they need to make God known,they use that opportunity to enrich themselves and not the church.
    But I think for the class that I had last Sunday,I spoke all about “We are witnesses””!.
    And this came from Acts 1:1-9.

    First we need to realize if we need to be well qualified witnesses,we must have;
    1>.The power of God.
    2>. Trust God
    3>.Confess that Christ Jesus is our savior and He us the son of God who was sent by our Lord.

    Generally, if we call ourselves church planters that need to plant as many churches as we can,first we need to be the witnesses of Jesus,in that just like the twelve disciples did,and we see Christ planting churches In them like Peter,
    he quotes that in this rock I will build up a church that will never be shaken.

    Friends,this is a good web u have been found in,and Barbara you being my overseer and Rick, let us us be the witnesses of God and by so doing Christ will be in us as He says from 1 John that if Christ is in us,we are then in Him.

    so let us be found in Christ and by so we must be able to plant churches as he did.

    Christ never used sponsors,donors nor any fund,but He just used what His father granted him and we see its Holy spirit.

    Hope u will pick a sense from this small.
    Let us keep this ministry moving.
    Personally as Michael, am seeing the reality in it.

    Get books over this and will help u so much in planting new churches.

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