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When you take a child with you to the mission field, all sorts of funny things can happen. Looking at life–even strange new surroundings–can bring on interesting concepts and off-the-wall insights. But, before I get to the story, let me tell you about a long-standing deal Rick (my husband) and I have had with our only child, Emily. Knowing how preacher’s kids and missionary kids are a great source of sermon illustrations, and how much they don’t like it, we found a way to solve both problems. Emily would listen carefully to her dad’s sermon or to my speaking. Every time we mentioned her name or used a pronoun that referred to her, she would get 25 cents. She would carry pencil and paper to keep track so she could collect afterwards. Even though this cost us a little, the up-side is that Emily was glad to hear us, and she listened to what we had to say. Incentives help! Since we put no time limit on that deal, she still thinks we owe her, even though she is already 40! Maybe I already owe her more than $3.00 by now so I’d better get to my story.

Almost every day Rick would go for a run around the neighborhood. Sometimes Emily (age 12 at the time) would pace him on her bicycle. They passed many houses, businesses, and a Mormon church. One day Rick and Emily noticed that workers were doing roof repair on the church. The workers accessed the roof with a very long ladder. Emily said, “I guess that’s why they call them ‘Ladder’ Day Saints!”

I haven’t added up how much she thinks I owe her. I’m sure she will want to be paid per visitor to my blog. I want to hear from all my readers, but you do know I will go into debt for each comment! Oh well. Feel free to comment–I’ll deal with Emily! Thank you.

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