BURUNDI, July 2019

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In our lifetime: Church Planters Have All Funds!

Bishop Aynaki Moksi continues as our excellent tour guide and reporter.  The following is his report on the historic events of July 2019:

For the first time in Africa, Barbara Mitchell’s book Church Planters Have All the Fun(ding)! was at the heart of the BURUNDI SHARE Evangelism National Conference 2019.  It was held in Bujumbura from July 02ndto 03rd, 2019 at the Church Porte de Brebis, Cibitoke 5thAvenue No. 58.

Leaders and SHARE Evangelism users from the Republic of Congo joined their Burundian counterparts to participate in this important event.  During the two days, the 87 SHARE Evangelism user agents participated in various trainings and group work related to the content of the Church Planters Have All the Fun(ding)! book:

  1. The Planting Premise
  2. Collecting the Tools
  3. Tilling the soil
  4. Scattering the Seed
  5. Germination
  6. Nourishing the Plant
  7. Preparing for the Harvest
  8. Church Planting Movement

Allow me to share life stories of the participants at this conference:

Church Planters Have All the Fun(ding)! brought a great understanding of a real and modern church planting, it’s challenge, and a force that pushes us as Church planters to build our action on the basis of self-sustaining church.–Pastor TWAGIRAYESU Dieudonne founder of Charity Service for Vulnerable Person’s Community.

“It is a privilege for me to participate in this Burundi National Conference on “Church Planters Have All Funds” which focuses on the Great Commission, winning souls for Christ, Planting Church Movement with personal funding incomes.  This book is an important tool for Every church plant. Unfortunately, this book is in English.  We would ask that this book be also available in French to help church planters in French-speaking countries.” –Pastor Miburo Jean, Founder of the church, “Door of Ewes”

“I am confident that the poverty that has affected our churches, the fight to lead the outreach mission that depends on external resources, the supply struggle to carry out church planters for a long time, the answer lies in this conference and the book, Church Planters Have All the Fun(ding)!  It is necessary to act so that this book which brings a revolution for the modern church planters can be at the disposal of each participant in this conference in our local language.”–Pastor Ngendoyimana Clemence, “Glory Outreach Assembly Burundi”

At the end of this conference, a network of SHARE Evangelism users was set up to better accompany the process of this conference.  Participants also spoke about the online business as a fundraising tool.

“The Church Planters network that will use Online Business as a fundraising tool comes as a response to many of the challenges faced by Church planters and churches in difficulty.  It’s time to take the action.”–SHANGWE Faustin, Expert in Online Business

“Poor churches built by grasses, trees, bamboos are in danger of being destroyed very soon. SHARE Evangelism users should immediately use Online Business to earn money and support churches in difficulty.”–Gakiza Aimée Victoire, User of SHARE Evangelism.

SHARE Institute, International was glad to present certificates of completion to all those who participated fully in the conference.

And now, here is a “sneak peek” into the activities of August 2019.  Rick Mitchell (husband of Barbara Mitchell) came to serve along-side Bishop Aynaki Moksi and other local pastors for a few weeks.

SHARE Institute, International and Sports & Rec Plus, under the leadership of Rick Mitchell, combined with the Outreach Mission in East Africa Community precisely in Burundi, in the heart of Africa to spread the Gospel of the grace of God as revealed in the Word of God with the objective of winning souls for Jesus Christ. Testimony of Christ International and Porte des Brebis as partners of SHARE Institute, International participated in the organization of this activity.

What a great God we serve; and what a joy to report on the wonderful work of the Holy Spirit through His servants.  Come back soon for more reports.  Keep praying as God is working in the hearts of many in Burundi,  DR Congo, and beyond.

BURUNDI, June 2019

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Welcome to beautiful Bujumbura, the capital city of Burundi, in the heart of East Africa.  This is a place of talented people with unlimited skill potential.  They are creative and inventive, working within the availability of local resources and the limits of their own personal finances to find the amazing unlimited provisions of God, their creator.  What an exciting time to be there and watch the Holy Spirit move through the Christian community and beyond.  Visit with me as we observe them in action.

Our guide is Bishop Aynaki Moksi who is a church planter and overseer of many SHARE projects in Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  I am depending on his report; but making only slight revisions to conform with standard American English.  It is debatable whether my revisions are improvements or not!

In the central part of East Africa, specifically Burundi, many Christian leaders have been trained in SHARE Evangelism principles.  They continue to put their skills to work in their community, to benefit the community and to witness for Christ. They understand how to use the technology of the moment to turn it into a natural witness.

Those who have developed their own income-producing endeavors are supporting church planting and church buildings.  God has also allowed for them to open offices and provide for permanent jobs for Church planters.


This generation has a passion for those who are living without Christ.  They continue to work, using their skills to witness and to build churches.  A portion of the profit that SHARE Evangelism users receive for their efforts, is given to their churches as tithes and offerings for the support of the work and the building of their meeting place.  All Bujumbura residents can potentially benefit. Bishop Aynaki says it best, “This Church was built thanks to the support of SHARE Evangelism users.  We are NOT beggars; God uses the weak to be a blessing to others.  With God, we can.”

Our guide has chosen to take us on a delightful little side trip for a taste of local culture.  The following pictures show traditional dancers, jumpers, and Burundian drummers.  Some of them are already trained in SHARE Evangelism and are seeking guidance for using their skills.

Now it is time to get back on the main road again. There is an urgent prayer request from the Burundi Church and Testimony of Christ International Central Africa.  The Burundi government, headed by the Minister of the Interior, has just signed into law the destruction of all the churches built of bamboo, trees, and grasses; effective July 1, 2019. Remember that the majority of churches in Burundi are built of bamboo, planks, grass; and some are even built from the rubble of the fields.  Our churches and those of our partners will not be spared.

We need your prayers.  This challenge does not scare us because Jesus has commanded us to disciple and evangelize.  He was not joking.  We know that our God will provide for our needs and that as church planters we have all the funds we need through God’s immeasurable riches.  Stay with us in prayer.


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As time marches on to a new day, a new week, a new month, and a new year; should we consider that maybe time is running out?  Whether you pass the time watching sand trickle through an old-fashioned hourglass, or you mark time on your smart phone, there is one unfailing constant:  Time marches on.

Is there a limit to time?  Is there an end of time?  If time will end, when will that happen?  All of these questions have a multitude of answers and speculations, but there is one thing about time that is undeniable.  At some time in the future—maybe a minute, or a day or perhaps decades—time on earth will run out for all of us.

What will you do with your remaining time?  It all depends on your focus.  Do you focus on yourself or are you more concerned about others?  As Christians, we need to look around us and realize that almost all of the people we pass need salvation that is available only through Christ.  Do we have enough time to speak to even one person?  If you have a testimony of what Christ has done for you, and you know John 3:16, you know enough to share Christ with a lost person. 

How can we get started?  Pray every morning that God will lead you to someone who is open to hear the Good News.  Pray that someone else will say something that will spark a conversation that you can turn into a witness.  Then during the day, let this prayer keep you in constant awareness of God’s presence and leadership.  Stay alert to opportunities and use the time you have left to share salvation that is available to all through our God and Savior.


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The following is a recent report from Bishop Aynaki Moksi.  He and his team are witnessing a transformation of DR Congo (Africa)!  As the multi-faceted benefits of SHARE Evangelism are shared, people are responding with great enthusiasm.  For those of you who may be unfamiliar with SHARE Evangelism, it is an uncomplicated method of evangelism using training in such things as livelihood skills, crafts, job skills and sports.  It is based on Jesus’ teaching style through parables that relate to ordinary life.  The emphasis is always on evangelism.

With only a few minor edits to standardize his excellent English, here is the latest report from my friend and brother in Christ, Bishop Aynaki Moksi:

Our Lord Jesus told us to go and make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20).  He meant exactly that.  This doesn’t require any rocket science to either understand or obey.  Sadly, “Go” has meant “Sit” to some, resulting in 97% of the Global church resources being spent for maintenance of church programs within the four walls of the church.  The tragedy is that the world we live in remains unreached over 2000 years since the Great Commission was given.

Inspired by the words of Jesus, we started SHARE Evangelism in May 2017.  In February 2018 we held meetings to refocus on our mandate.  It is clear that SHARE is a growing movement in the Great Lake Region.  The revivals we are experiencing, along with the expansion of SHARE, provide a discipleship lesson of Multiplication in all areas of our life: spiritually, materially and financially. 

Our hope and prayer is that this will continue by the grace of God.  That is what Jesus meant by Go make disciples. This is why SHARE Evangelism exists. By the grace of God, SHARE will become a great family in Great lakes region and beyond.

Thanks to all who are praying for this work in DR Congo.   Please pray with us as we continue to organize and coordinate our plans for a big conference in Burundi and DR Congo next year, in order to accelerate our mandate to reach the unreached with the Gospel and the testimony of Christ by using SHARE Evangelism.  Be blessed.


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With the beginning of January 2018, SHARE Evangelism is exploding like fireworks in a New Year’s celebration.  My friend, Bishop Aynaki Moksi, is a church planter who is training church after church in Burundi and Democratic Republic (DR) of Congo in the methods of SHARE Evangelism.  Because SHARE impacts their lives in both spiritual and physical aspects, it is well received and quickly put into practice.  The text and pictures that follow will encourage and inspire those who are praying for Africa and those who are specifically praying for Bishop Aynaki as he tirelessly seeks to share the good news of the Gospel across Africa.

At a recent Regional Conference of churches in DR Congo, SHARE Evangelism Impact was a major agenda item.  In addition to the individual trainings, there were several initiatives planned that would help the communities as a whole.  Of major concern is household poverty and environmental issues like clean water supply and electrification of rural areas.  When the villages band together, using local funding such as the SHARE Credit Union, mentioned in an earlier post, they can accomplish these tasks.  Research has shown that locally funded and locally built projects are better in many ways than projects that are built or funded by sponsors and other outside sources.  (This is a fundamental aspect of SHARE Evangelism.)

Aynaki reports that SHARE Agriculture Micro Credit plans to create a full employment of thirty persons next year.  They have big plans and need your prayer support in this effort.  Others are working in many projects.  For example, one woman is selling shoes.  Can’t you imagine how many times she can start conversations about Jesus, and how we need to follow Him by walking in His footsteps?


Baragumu has started making juices of many kinds.  Not only is she doing it herself, she is developing this project to teach others the method, and teach them about Jesus.  She is  certainly following her Creator when she creates wonderful, healthy fruit juices.


Women have taken SHARE seriously.  They put all their efforts into making it happen, even going beyond what their leader has taught them.  Aynaki plans to train them to use SHARE to form house churches and begin a SHARE disciple-making movement.

Please pray that, as their income grows as a result of what they have learned through SHARE Evangelism, they will wisely increase their investments in SHARE Credit Union and be faithful in their giving to support their local church and the indigenous missionaries that serve them and others.

Sadly, all over the world, many churches fail to survive.  They blame it on lack of funds.  We must always remember the bounty is in the harvest.  Perhaps we try to start too big.  It is not essential to have a church building, a fantastic sound system, musical instruments and trained musicians.  There is nothing wrong with all those things; but the primary function of the church is to preach the Word of God, and to disciple and train believers.  That can be done in a simple setting like under a tree or in a home.  The early church sang spontaneously in praise to God.  Notice after the Last Supper, Jesus and the disciples sang a hymn and then went out.  Surely they did not need instruments and a sound system on that occasion.

As long as we are talking about music in the church, Bishop Aynaki had a new and exciting report.  SHARE Evangelism has touched the hearts of musicians, producers, rappers, and dancers.  They are excited to use their new faith to share Christ through their various talents.  More about that later.

Bishop Aynaki Moksi writes, “It is is amazing to see how musical artists and musical producers [commit their] lives to Jesus, those who use SHARE, start church planting,  It is amazing, those who have poor start among people [are the ones] who help me to move SHARE forward.  I glorify the Lord for the grace and testimony we have through SHARE Evangelism in Bukavu. From Uvira to Bukavu there is 120 Km (75 miles), by the grace of God, I have training of SHARE Evangelism in Kazimiya in Fizi territory. The distance between Bukavu and Kazimiya , there is 290 Km (180 miles). We have to travel by car, boat by water and go a long distance by foot. Thanks to your prayers.”

SHARE Institute, International and Testimony of Christ International has opened a new start this year (2018) in Bukavu Province and South Kivu of DR Congo.  Bishop Aynaki is leading his team to accomplish their goal to reach the highest number of people in the world.  They work tirelessly, serving Christ and witnessing to those in need of salvation and livelihood skills.

If you have read this far, you might also want to know how you can duplicate or adapt the work in DR Congo to your place in the world.  Following is a five-point outline including a picture, of the training on January 5-7, 2018.

  1. Training on SHARE Evangelism (10 hours of complete training and graduation)

Leaders from Burundi, DR Congo and Rwanda, numbering 37 people, successfully participated in this training. The majority of these leaders also run SHARE Micro Credit. At the end of the training, everyone received a certificate of participation.

  1. SHARE Micro Credit at the service of winning souls to Christ through skills (a fresh start towards the creation of a savings and community credit cooperative)

”SHARE Micro Credit Community continues to build hope in the community at the social, spiritual and economic level.  The members participate regularly, the number of those who receive Christ as Lord and Savior increases daily.  We do not need to travel miles to find those who live without Christ or go door-to-door, sometimes causing household distress.  God is touching the hearts of the people of our community, who are beginning to come to us.  SHARE Micro credit, is a tool we use to share the Gospel.  It touches the basic and primary needs of the people of our community.  We share with them the hope we have in Christ, we pray with them and we help alleviate their social and economic problems.  Our movement progress every day, the number of group credit unions and Credit Community has just increased from 20 groups to 53 groups currently with a membership of 1325 members in South Kivu” Salima Rose reported during the workshop Bukavu.

The participants attended the training seminar on SHARE Micro Credit and Macro Impact, and exchanged ideas and experiences on this subject.  This is a new start towards the creation of SHARE Cooperative savings and Community Credit.

A steering committee has been set up to implement the recommendations of the Bukavu workshop.

  1. Accelerate SHARE Evangelism by targeting Stevia plant and food crops agriculture for more efficient community response

Cleophas reports, “We aim to reach every individual, every culture with the gospel and the testimony of Christ through skills.  The potential of DR Congo is in agriculture.  SHARE has already created SHARE Micro Credit Agricole, we are committed to promote global collaboration, unity, cooperation through SHARE Micro Agricultural Credit. We ourselves will create permanent jobs for 30 farmers and 2 engineers soon in order to fight hunger and poverty in our community and help to build churches.”

  1. SHARE Evangelism art in the service of winning artists to Christ

Bishop Aynaki continues to report, “A special meeting was organized with the musical artists, the dancers, the rappers, the producers who sing for the world [secular music]. We shared the word of God and taught them how, they can use the art of music to bring people to Christ. They were smokers of chamvers, people who consume and sell drugs, prostitutes, they used witchcraft to sing. Some refused to repent and be baptized, they also did not allow their photos to be published. That is why I find myself unable to send you the pictures of the meeting, because I removed them in their presence. [The photos below are] of families of those who have accepted Christ’s invitation to repent and be baptized.”

Those who will be baptized:

  1. SHARE Evangelism and Testimony of Christ International begins Church planting in Bukavu, DR Congo

Aynaki is standing with Pastor Jacques Mmandama of Bukavu, DR Congo, who understands SHARE Evangelism.  Aynaki’s team will leave the work in Pastor Mmandama’s care when it is time for them to move on to other fields.

He continues, “At this time, we are gathering the necessities for our next trip. We expect the arrival of 10 farmers and 2 engineers who will take care of agricultural work in Bukavu.  They come on the recommendation of the church and SHARE Institute, International established in Burundi.  When they arrive from Burundi, we will go with them on the ground.

“Meanwhile,” according to Bishop Aynaki,” our brothers from Uvira, who were among the first to be trained in SHARE Evangelism, insisted that we come back.  At our strong encouragement they were the first to start a SHARE Micro Credit Agricol group.  After a time of prayer on this subject, we accepted their invitation, and God opened a great opportunity for us. We have to trust God, He always provides for our needs, if we obey His voice.  SHARE Micro Credit Agricultural is considering renting a tractor for agriculture in Uvira.  It’s amazing for a project we started with a zero budget.  Our God is truly Jehovah Jireh (Provider).  Glory to God.”

Bishop Aynaki Moksi adds this powerful closing, “In spite of the financial difficulties that SHARE meets on the ground, God continues to open the paths of provisions where we did not believe to have the opportunity.  We move forward with the goal of reaching everyone with the gospel and witness of Christ using our skills. New horizons, soon.”





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The match has been struck, the kindling has caught fire, a brush fire is blazing, and soon the DR Congo will be on fire with the message of Salvation through Jesus Christ.  In August 2017 Bishop Aynaki Moksi found out about SHARE Evangelism and inserted its training into an existing conference with only one week’s notice.  From there it has caught on and is growing into an effective self-supporting, self-sustaining church planting movement.  The following account comes directly from the field with only minor edits.  The account includes all the organizational details in the hopes that others will find encouragement and help to organize in their own places.  It amazes me that all this has happened in only three or four months.  I stand in awe of how God works with such efficiency through willing hearts and hands.

My dear friend, Aynaki, told me on October 25, 2017, “I met a student yesterday who completed the SHARE Evangelism training. She was using her training in her place.  She gave me testimony of how SHARE transformed lives and community to bring people to Jesus.  Her testimony challenged me to go see really what God is doing through SHARE.”  During the month to follow, Aynaki visited various places to follow up on SHARE projects.  He exclaimed that it “is a great work with mighty exploits.”  Aynaki continues, “I plan to send first life change histories of what God is doing through SHARE Evangelism History Makers.”  These are the life stories of women who are leaving their marks on the community using SHARE Evangelism.  They are the SHARE History Makers.

Therese Kibasa from Baragumu, DR Congo exclaimed, “SHARE Evangelism has contributed to transform my environment from the place I want to leave to the place I want to live.”

“Through the use of SHARE Evangelism and SHARE Micro-Credit: Muslims, prostitutes, pagans give their lives daily to Christ.”  The financing of 10 to 20 micro-projects each week continues to build the hope of poor families by meeting their needs for food, health and children’s schooling, of the beneficiary members. An unusual situation has arisen because the pastors often send us [trained SHARE evangelists] to go to preach, but now thanks to the use of SHARE Evangelism in the community, micro-finance is starting to produce effects; it is the people in the community who are starting to SHARE Evangelism RD Congo officials.”

The following is the account of the founding and organization of SHARE Institute, International, RD Congo, using SHARE Evangelism.  This can serve as a guide and encouragement to others who may want to do this in their place.


SHARE Institute, International, in collaboration with Testimony of Christ International, had successfully launched SHARE Evangelism training, beginning August 17, 2017.  After four rounds of training [10-12 hours each] in different places, it has become necessary to measure the impact that has resulted. Three hundred fifteen leaders from churches, local Christian authorities, and Christian associations and community groups, participated with success completion of the courses.

At the present time we are interested in conducting a field trip aimed at an evaluation of this course.  The main purpose is to provide a strategic review of the project’s performance as of the date of the evaluation.  Our goal is to:

  1. Evaluate all progress (or lack of progress) and detect preliminary signs of success or failure through life stories;
  2. Validate (or complete) the model/design of this training;
  3. Evaluate the relevance of the training;
  4. Examine the management of the training in order to ensure its alignment with the achievement of outcomes and the execution of activities;
  5. Evaluate the degree of satisfaction of the various stakeholders and beneficiaries according to the results achieved at the time of the evaluation;
  6. Identify other issues/questions;
  7. Evaluate the sustainability of the activities carried out; and,
  8. Draw initial lessons on project design, design execution, and management.

Determining factor in the time of the evaluation:  This assessment takes place four months after the start of the training and the process resulting from it.

PHASE 1:  The life story of Therese Kibasa, founder of Baragumu group

Miss Therese Kibasa, founder of Baragumu group, repeated her earlier statement, “SHARE Evangelism training helped to transform the lives of our beneficiaries (individually) and our place from the place we wanted to leave, to the place we want to live. Miss Kibasa studies medicine in Uvira (RD Congo) but she also received training in several courses in community development.  She had a passion for those who live without Christ, so she was always looking for ways to reach many people with the Gospel without success.  At the same time, she was uncomfortable with her church, because it seemed to be constantly asking for money without any visible returns.  To her it looked like a market.  The aspect of funds provoked an inner revolt because there was no alternative.  The purpose of the church is not to serve only the leadership and certain faithful members.  Miss Kibasa wanted to see the Gospel touch the needs of the poor faithful in all their dimensions at the spiritual, physical and emotional level.  The church should be a place that unites the faithful, where mutual help, compassion, communion and cooperation reign.  The weak and the poor have a place in such a church.  Others were also sensing problems and began leaving that church.

Then everything changed!  Miss Kibasa, being led by the Spirit,  began her preparations to abandon that church.  On her planned last Sunday, the pastor announced the SHARE Evangelism training.  In the announcement he asked the congregation three key questions:

  1. Are you looking for a way to reach people who have not heard the Good News of Jesus?
  2. Do you have a loving heart for those who live in poverty and do not seem to find a way out?
  3. Do you need economic relief?

The pastor concluded that the answer to these three questions lies in the training of SHARE Evangelism.

At the last hour of leaving and completely abandoning the church (of the place she wanted to leave), these three questions touched her heart.  She decided to temporarily suspend her plan to leave until after the training.  She thought if the training did not answer the tree questions posed by the pastor, she would leave.  She enrolled in the training and found her answers there.

“During the training and after the training, I found SHARE Evangelism as an indispensable tool to witness Christ through vocational training, witnessing Christ through work, and planting churches.  Evangelism is the priority, and so are the means to support the disadvantaged of our community and the poor who are in the churches.”

“My three dear questions which the Pastor has posed thus find an answer thanks to the training evangelism. The Holy Spirit has opened my mind to understand what is happening in the Church and to put into service the work of God and the talent which God has given me in order to reach many people who have not heard the Gospel and help those who live in poverty.  I testify that SHARE Evangelism has transformed the place I wanted to leave into the place that I want to live.  Today I work with church leaders in the work of sharing the Gospel and generating income for myself, the church and the community with SHARE Evangelism.”

PHASE 2:  Global problems require global solution of Community Evangelism and Microcredit to Transform individuals and the Community.


In the training, SHARE Evangelism taught us that evangelism is the priority and the skills serve as bridges or point of contact.  Personally, I have found that there are other essential elements that are missing to successfully carry out God’s work through SHARE Evangelism.

I found that sharing the Gospel in practice also requires money.  For those who receive the Gospel it is free according to the Bible; but for those who will preach the Gospel he must first pay the cost of transportation, food communication, tools necessary for practice.


This idea was the point of life that all the participants saw in the same way, because in the situation of poverty that the countries of the Great Lakes cross sometimes found only $10 of displacement from one place to another is a big problem because the population lives below $1 a day.

The main problem according to Miss Therese is poverty and the solution is money.  It is essential to help people who preach in practice and in practice find a way to find money to carry out their missions successfully.  Mademoiselle Therese and her team decided to mobilize, and mobilize the support of others to find the solution to this problem.  Their vision was to touch by the Gospel, witness of Christ and the skill of many people: “There were among us women and men with passion for those who live without Christ but lacked means to fulfill this mission.”

“It was essential to find a solution for this problem.”



PHASE 3:  Micro-credit–Macro Impact for the overall response

Miss Therese had received training in entrepreneurship and community microcredit.  She decided to work with poor women in the community to form SHARE – Savings and Credit Union.  Today she is in charge of nine (9) SHARE – Caisses d’Epargne de Credit which brings together 270 women in the South Kivu Province.  She has developed Christian leadership and has shown the way to learn and connect with women in difficult circumstances in the community that promotes SHARE Evangelism through community microcredit.  The development of using SHARE Evangelism through micro credit has opened up the opportunity for poor women usually excluded from the traditional banking system, to benefit from weak loans.

The services offered are:

  1. SHARE Micro – credit for income-generating activities;
  2. SHARE Micro – credit agricultural
  3. SHARE Compassion (helping members in difficult situations)

The amount received allows beneficiaries to create and finance their income-generating activities.  Women are the first beneficiary of community micro-credit service.  The initiative funds between 10 to 20 micro-projects per week presented by women, ranging from $30 to $50 per individual and per individual micro-project.  God granted them grace to the people of the community, and the members who receive Christ increases daily.

This micro-credit community service is realized with the contributions of SHARE  Micro-credit with the support of certain leaders of the community. “Through the use of SHARE Evangelism and SHARE Micro-Credit Muslims, prostitutes, pagans give their lives daily to Christ.”

The financing of 10 to 20 micro-projects each week continues to build the hope of poor families by meeting the food, health and schooling needs of the children of the beneficiary members. An unusual situation has arisen because the Pastors often send us to go to preach, but now thanks to the use of SHARE Evangelism by the community micro-finance is starting to produce effects; it is the people in the community who are starting to come and get the SHARE Evangelism RD Congo officials. ”



These are the first three phases of SHARE History Makers–the history of life that continues to mark our community through micro credit opportunities.  Soon we will report on how the SHARE micro credit beneficiary members have used their skills through the money received to bring others to Christ.

Ten to 20 small loans, ranging from $30 to $50 per individual project, are issued each week to members of the SHARE Micro Credit Union.  There have also been members who have banded together to qualify for a larger amount to invest in tools and equipment.  Keep watching as the the SHARE Evangelism team continues to fan the flames of the Gospel across RD Congo.


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In the two previous posts I shared with you how SHARE was being established in the DR Congo.  Bishop Aynaki Moksi and his team are tireless teachers.  Everywhere they go the find places to teach the principle of sharing Christ through sharing skills.  If you can find some shade and mats or low wooden benches to sit on, you can share what you know with those who need to know. The following pictures say more than words, so I will let them speak.







After the Christians receive the training and earn their certificates, they immediately head out to places near and far.  A common way of travel is still trekking as shown below.


Soon they will arrive at their destinations. We pray together for them as they set out in faithful service, watching for the great moving of God.


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 Excitement grows as the newly trained SHARE Evangelism leaders accept the responsibility to share what they have learned.  With it comes the anticipation of seeing how this will truly work to transform communities, and to see people saved and churches planted.  Bishop Aynaki Moksi wrote, “We have taken seriously this training, so today I go to open an office for SHARE Evangelism DR Congo.”  He continued to say that there is already a great demand for SHARE and he wants to make it a “faithful presence in the community.”

Aynaki continues his story:  “The more we progress with SHARE Evangelism, the more the Holy Spirit makes us discover about its efficacy in the process of touching the unreached with the Gospel of Christ.  We have completed the first step—training—and this has opened the opportunity to put into practice the achievements of the training process and the impact we are expecting–that is to reach a large number with the Gospel and establish new churches.  Our office will be a resource center to help and accompany this process.”  He reports that their office has already received many requests for training in neighboring countries like Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and other places in DR Congo. They plan to cover Africa and go beyond to Asia, Pakistan, Nepal, and the world.  They are certainly implementing the meaning of SHARE, which is Serving Him And Reaching Everyone.  More importantly, they are following the mandate of the Great Commission which says, Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.  And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.  Matthew 28:19-20 NIV


The best testimonies come from those who are experiencing results.  Sebastien Eca is among the first group of trainees.  He says:  “I had been taught to go preach the Gospel as part of the Great Commission. The previous result was meager because, to reach many with the Gospel, it took a lot of time and sacrifice.  I received the SHARE Evangelism training and decided to use my computing skills to test the SHARE methods. I took my laptop computer, trekked 9 km (5½ miles) to the next village, and trained young women and children in using computers.  I didn’t charge them anything, and every time I worked with them I found it easy to preach the Gospel to many.  The village chief and the trainees have just asked me to plant a church there.  They gave me the plot for free.”  Sebastien is asking for prayer support because he would like to open a center whereby he can continue using the SHARE Evangelism method to share the Gospel as he shares life skills.  Pray also that he will find a way to get computers and tools he needs to start building a meeting place for the new church.  He closes with “Viva SHARE Evangelism.”

Meanwhile, Aynaki is busy teaching in a Bible School.  He reports, “I have good news at this time.  We have just decided to use SHARE as a curriculum course in our Bible school. His next action is to take the team to Fizi for training.  He comments that “We go where others don’t go.”  (He sounds a lot like my husband, Rick!)  Aynaki’s narrative continues as follows:

Now that the office is set up and the staff is trained, it is time to go out where others don’t go.  We packed up the van and topped it off with the ever-popular and essential empty jugs commonly used for cooking oil, petrol (gasoline), or for hauling water.  These jugs are great relationship builders to share with people we meet along the way.

Our first task is to find a small struggling church or a “person of peace” so we can begin to spread the Gospel through SHARE.  In Fizi we find many people who are hungry for the SHARE Evangelism.
Upon completion of the SHARE Evangelism training, certificates were awarded.
In the crowd there were several that understood that they needed to be saved and be baptized.  What a joy to see so many dedicate their lives to Christ, even though there is a risk of persecution.
After the baptism, everyone returned to the village rejoicing and waving branches in celebration.
Now that so many were baptized, it was time to look for a place for them to worship.  Our staff surveyed the land and found a good spot.
The owner of the property gave that piece of land to the new church with the stipulation that they had to build on it and use it immediately.  Students instantly began work to assemble the rubble stones as well as the wood needed to make the bricks they would bake on the spot.
The new church, planted in the hearts of the local believers, will soon have a good building for their worship and training to plant more churches.  What a great start for them.  Prayers are still needed that their ministries will have a transformative impact for Christ. The church adds, “We need your prayers for this activity.  God bless the work of our hands.”
Next trainings are in Uvira (RD Congo), Kigali (Rwanda); and then we will be in Kampala (Uganda) by the grace of God before the end of this month for the official opening of Leadership program in East Africa. We need your prayers.

Aynaki concludes with this:  “Now I need to visit the work we started, to see the outcome of their training. Pray for me as this is big work which requires a lot of sacrifice. I believe with God, it shall be well.


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SHARE Evangelism has taken off like a wild fire in Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda. I have some wonderful pictures from Bishop Aynaki Moksi, Church Planter, from Burundi. From these pictures and the brief explanation from my friend, Aynaki, I will try to retell his story.  Here he is with his lovely wife.  She is a woman of prayer and supports him in the ministry.  They have three sons, David (12), Sharon (9), and Israel (6).


The fire was lit on Face Book in August of 2017 where I met Aynaki.  He was scheduled to be part of a leadership team for a training conference in Uvira, DR Congo, with 300 attendees from four African countries.   I introduced him to the SHARE Evangelism training materials, which he immediately translated into French.  He then went to the conference to present it to the other leaders on the team.  With their approval and participation, they designated ten hours over several days to the SHARE Evangelism training. At one point so many people desired the training that they had to limit the participation to 100 people.  They met anywhere they could find space.


The demand for the training was evidently very high.  Aynaki says, “We start now a good project.  The big work is to put materials in 5 local languages.  Because we teach Bible in the local language.”  He presented a brief overview of SHARE Evangelism to his colleagues.  They were impressed with the new material because it was “workable lifestyle.”  The leadership decided to include it in the conference because it “was the thing they need at this moment.”   The leadership quickly prepared to take part in the presentations of SHARE Evangelism.

Approximately 80 pastors, church planters, and church leaders from five neighboring countries were expected to attend.   By the time the conference started, more than 100 wanted to participate.  The number increased daily.  Aynaki says he started with zero budget, but somehow God provided.  After the training many people stood to give testimony to what SHARE meant to them.


At the conclusion of the conference, official certificates were awarded to those who completed the SHARE Evangelism course.  The newly trained SHARE Evangelists were sent out to put into practice what they had learned.


Aynaki closes his account with these words: “Testimony of Christ International Central Africa has just concluded the Regional Conference and SHARE Evangelism this Sunday, August 19, 2017 in Uvira in Republic Democratic of Congo.  The Delegation of 4 countries to know: Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda [and RD Congo] participated in this event.  The Conference was sanctioned by [awarding] the certificates to the participants in the training delivered by SHARE Evangelism in front of 300 people from these 4 countries.  We thank everyone who has prayed or contributed for the success of this event.”  Aynaki continues, “I am praying to make SHARE Evangelism a reality. We will continue to work together like one team for Christ.”


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Why would anyone want to buy another book on church planting? According to some pastors and church planters, “most of the books on church planting are a rearrangement of the information that is already out there.” If that is true, then you need to take a look at what this new book, Church Planters Have All the Fun(ding)!,  has to offer.

Church Planters Have All the Fun(ding)! is divided into two parts.  Part One of this book seeks to address two aspects of church planting: the fundamentals of establishing a new church from the beginning based on New Testament principles, and the funding the church will experience as it finds ways to combine evangelism with possibilities for personal income. The fun(ding)–the fun and the finances–for the church planter, as well as the church plant, comes from an outreach method called SHARE Evangelism  Read More (more…)


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No doubt many of you who have explored this website, have seen the term SHARE Evangelism. For those of you who are curious, let me give you a brief explanation.  First, SHARE stands for Serving Him And Reaching Everyone. It began simply as SHARE Institute in Davao City, Philippines, in 1990.  Based on the demands and needs of the church and community, SHARE was intentionally designed to teach livelihood skills as a bridge to developing relationships that open the door to sharing the Gospel of Christ. Skills are important, but the primary focus is on Evangelism.

Today, SHARE Evangelism is now the outreach tool for SHARE Institute, International.  SHARE is an organization that almost isn’t an organization! It resides on my computer and is freely shared with those who need an evangelistic tool that will also help finance their outreach or church planting effort.  There is no cost, there is no reporting, there is no obligation back to me.  It is my joy to see it go viral around the world.

SHARE Evangelism is available to you by request.  If you would like to access the training available through SHARE Evangelism, please contact me by email. Tell me about your plans for church planting. Please give me your full legal name (and nickname), where you live, where your church is (or will be), the name of your church, your cell phone number, and any additional information you would like to share with  me. I will email you the web address and passwords for the SHARE Evangelism training manual (about 45 pages if printed), and for the answer key to the chapter review questions.  Notice that at the bottom of this website is a translation tool.  You can use it to translate the entire website to your preferred language or dialect.

My prayer is that many will find this SHARE Evangelism helpful and effective.  Please pray for me, as I will be praying for you.


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My husband, Rick, traveled to Kisii, Kenya, to lead a SHARE Evangelism conference at the Nyakeyo Baptist Church, pastored by Michael Patrick Nyamongo. As a part of the conference, Rick taught a preaching seminar for the delegates who would go out as church planters. He instructed them in the process of preparing sermons, and then taught them by example as he preached to them from the Book of John. If you would like to know more about conferences in your area, please contact me.




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Our co-worker, Mercy Magbanua, traveled from her home in the Philippines to Kisii, Kenya, to teach SHARE Evangelism.  You may have “met” Mercy in other blogs on this site.  Mercy taught the conference delegates how to use livelihood skills training for evangelism.  In this case she taught them how to make hair clips–including a special trick using a candle.  Even the men got involved in this project.  Men won’t wear the hair clips, but they could make them for sale, thereby increasing their family income.  If you want more information, please contact me.