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BURUNDI, July 2019


In our lifetime: Church Planters Have All Funds!

Bishop Aynaki Moksi continues as our excellent tour guide and reporter.  The following is his report on the historic events of July 2019:

For the first time in Africa, Barbara Mitchell’s book Church Planters Have All the Fun(ding)! was at the heart of the BURUNDI SHARE Evangelism National Conference 2019.  It was held in Bujumbura from July 02ndto 03rd, 2019 at the Church Porte de Brebis, Cibitoke 5thAvenue No. 58.

Leaders and SHARE Evangelism users from the Republic of Congo joined their Burundian counterparts to participate in this important event.  During the two days, the 87 SHARE Evangelism user agents participated in various trainings and group work related to the content of the Church Planters Have All the Fun(ding)! book:

  1. The Planting Premise
  2. Collecting the Tools
  3. Tilling the soil
  4. Scattering the Seed
  5. Germination
  6. Nourishing the Plant
  7. Preparing for the Harvest
  8. Church Planting Movement

Allow me to share life stories of the participants at this conference:

Church Planters Have All the Fun(ding)! brought a great understanding of a real and modern church planting, it’s challenge, and a force that pushes us as Church planters to build our action on the basis of self-sustaining church.–Pastor TWAGIRAYESU Dieudonne founder of Charity Service for Vulnerable Person’s Community.

“It is a privilege for me to participate in this Burundi National Conference on “Church Planters Have All Funds” which focuses on the Great Commission, winning souls for Christ, Planting Church Movement with personal funding incomes.  This book is an important tool for Every church plant. Unfortunately, this book is in English.  We would ask that this book be also available in French to help church planters in French-speaking countries.” –Pastor Miburo Jean, Founder of the church, “Door of Ewes”

“I am confident that the poverty that has affected our churches, the fight to lead the outreach mission that depends on external resources, the supply struggle to carry out church planters for a long time, the answer lies in this conference and the book, Church Planters Have All the Fun(ding)!  It is necessary to act so that this book which brings a revolution for the modern church planters can be at the disposal of each participant in this conference in our local language.”–Pastor Ngendoyimana Clemence, “Glory Outreach Assembly Burundi”

At the end of this conference, a network of SHARE Evangelism users was set up to better accompany the process of this conference.  Participants also spoke about the online business as a fundraising tool.

“The Church Planters network that will use Online Business as a fundraising tool comes as a response to many of the challenges faced by Church planters and churches in difficulty.  It’s time to take the action.”–SHANGWE Faustin, Expert in Online Business

“Poor churches built by grasses, trees, bamboos are in danger of being destroyed very soon. SHARE Evangelism users should immediately use Online Business to earn money and support churches in difficulty.”–Gakiza Aimée Victoire, User of SHARE Evangelism.

SHARE Institute, International was glad to present certificates of completion to all those who participated fully in the conference.

And now, here is a “sneak peek” into the activities of August 2019.  Rick Mitchell (husband of Barbara Mitchell) came to serve along-side Bishop Aynaki Moksi and other local pastors for a few weeks.

SHARE Institute, International and Sports & Rec Plus, under the leadership of Rick Mitchell, combined with the Outreach Mission in East Africa Community precisely in Burundi, in the heart of Africa to spread the Gospel of the grace of God as revealed in the Word of God with the objective of winning souls for Jesus Christ. Testimony of Christ International and Porte des Brebis as partners of SHARE Institute, International participated in the organization of this activity.

What a great God we serve; and what a joy to report on the wonderful work of the Holy Spirit through His servants.  Come back soon for more reports.  Keep praying as God is working in the hearts of many in Burundi,  DR Congo, and beyond.

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