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Are you looking for good news?  If you watch TV or access your online news feed, you will see tragedy, destruction, calamity, and sadness all around the world.  If you call friends and neighbors, the conversation usually turns to problems we all face on a daily basis.  Maybe we can lose ourselves in sports and entertainment; but they also involve posing a problem and then finding a solution, which means there are winners and losers.  Some people avoid facing life’s problems by immersing themselves in online gaming and other addictive behavior, thereby avoiding real problems altogether while destroying real-life relationships.  Some decide, consciously or unconsciously, that there is no hope so they hide from themselves through drugs and alcohol.

A character on a recent TV Christmas movie repeatedly asked, “What does Christmas have to do with anything anyway?’  The correct answer to that question will solve all the problems we face.  It transcends language, culture, circumstance, and economic situation.  The wonderful and miraculous gift of Jesus has everything to do with everything.

Are we, as Christians, living like Jesus has everything to do with everything?  Do we know that He is the solution to all problems?  Do you know where to look for the true Good News?  Start today by reading about Him and His message for us in the Bible.  You might start by reading the book of Luke in the New Testament, and then read the book of Matthew.  In the New Year, read the book of John and then proceed to the rest of the New Testament and other portions of the Bible.  You will find the answer in the true meaning of Christmas.