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Greetings to all of you (or one or two!) who have found their way to my website. Although I have written many forms of manuscripts, this is my first experience at maintaining a website. My intention is to share ideas, experiences, humor, methods, and anything else that will encourage evangelical church planters. I believe the leading edge of evangelism is through the formation of new churches led by strong evangelical pastors who consistently preach the Word.

My husband, Rick, and I are former IMB missionaries in the Philippines. We were there for about 8 1/2 years during which time we worked along side national church planters. There was no way we had enough money to finance all the work that needed to be done, so we sought the national pastors’ advice on meeting their perceived needs; and then worked with them to develop methods to meet those needs. Those methods, developed jointly at that time, are still being used effectively by many churches throughout the country from 1990 until now. The training (discipleship training and livelihood skills training) happens though SHARE Institute, International. Teachers are trained and then they pass their training on to others who will learn under them. The training is all included in a manuscript called, SHARE Evangelism. SHARE Evangelism is available on line, protected by a passcode.¬† If you would like access to this important evangelism tool, please let me know in the comment space below, or email me at Please include your name, address, phone/cell, website if you have one, denomination affiliation, and any other information you might like to share. Also, please tell me a little about your church plant or your plans to plant a church.

SHARE Evangelism promotes outreach using a simple approach that a new Christian can do, even if he can only quote John 3:16! You don’t have to be a seminary graduate or a Bible scholar to do this. All you need is your testimony, love for people, and a desire to see others find Christ and make Him Lord of their lives. Maybe you are wondering if this can even be effective. In the 26+ years since its inception, SHARE Institute, International and its training method found in SHARE Evangelism has spread to 28 countries and growing. SHARE Institute, International is headquartered in my computer, with additional creative spaces in my sewing/craft room. At the same time, SHARE Institute, International has many locations–even more than I know. I occasionally get messages from people I never met, saying they learned it from someone else who learned it from someone who learned it from me. SHARE¬† can take place under a tree in Africa, or in a bamboo hut with a thatched room in Asia, or in an apartment community room in America, or in a church building in Europe, or anywhere. It does not require sophisticated accommodations for it to be successful.

Thank you for stopping by to read my posts. I hope you will come back. I am available on line or by phone (please be aware that I am in Eastern Time Zone) to mentor and encourage those who contact me. I am glad to help you find more creative ways for outreach. And, I learn so much from each person who reaches out.