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INTRODUCTIONS:  Find a clear explanation of SHARE; what it is, what it means, and and how it can assist  you in evangelism.

SHARE EVANGELISM INTRODUCTION:  What is it and how can it help me?  Check it out here.

SHARE EVANGELISM:  Do you need to know more about SHARE Evangelism?


SHARE EVANGELISM by Barbara Mitchell:  This is the leadership training manual that prepares the Christian church planter, as well as committed laymen to reach out to those who need the Lord.  This method is amazing in its simplicity as well as its impact on community, both spiritually and economically.  This is password protected.  See INTRODUCTIONS for instructions to obtain the password. (more…)


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Funding is probably the most difficult part of any new church plant.  There have been many methods and just as many approaches to financing a church plant and supporting the church planter/pastor.  Many good intentions result in disaster and ultimately cause an organic indigenous church planting movement to slow down or come to a complete halt.  Watch for blog posts that will relate experiences from years of foreign missionary service as well as stateside church planting.

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SHARE is an acronym that stands for Serving Him And Reaching Everyone.  We work with evangelical church planters and pastors of small churches.  SHARE is a ministry that reaches out especially to the impoverished third world, serving Christ and witnessing to those in need of salvation and livelihood skills.

Tin Can Ove (more…)